ENTOMBED: Studio Report Available

ENTOMBED have entered Studioland studio in Upplands Väsby, Sweden to begin recording their new album, "Serpent Saints", due on June 6, 2006 via Threeman Recordings. The upcoming CD will be the group's first without the contributions of guitarist Uffe Cederlund, who left the band in September.

ENTOMBED guitarist Alex Hellid has issued the following report on the progress of the recording sessions for the new CD:

"Monday, November 28, 2005: 1.15 pm I picked up Nico [Elgstrand, bass] in the centre of Stockholm on the spot where the prime minister was shot to death in '86 and we head out to the studio. The snow is turning to slush and everybody seems to be thinking – four more months of this shit…will I survive?

"We enter the studio a little before 2pm. Today we blame the late arrival on the fact that we just came home from a show in Denmark last the day before. This is the start of week three of preproduction and we are still putting song ideas and riffs on hard drive.

"First we play around with one of L.G.'s [Petrov, vocals] old riffs and agree that it's something that we should use. We try it with some other riffs we messed with on Friday and it sounds good. Just need some structure.

"Next up is an idea that I've had for a while. Weird little thing I picked up in a dream that can go in a number of directions — vocal or as an instrumental.

"Then we put down a piece with and acoustic Spanish guitar. Will work as an instrumental but we will try and add lots of voices and see if it flies, will be sick.

"The following idea we put down is a couple of riffs built around the title 'The Dead, The Dying and The Dying to be Dead'. It's nowhere near a full song yet and we manage to erase when me and Nico get carried away with the next riff fest. Nico rebuilds it from the original files at the end of the day and all is good.

"9.40 pm we leave the studio with a CD of today's work but first I have to dig out the car from underneath a fresh mountain of snow.

"Tuesday, November 29, 2005: After some confusion about where, I pick up Nico at 1 pm and we make it to the studio through the snow.

"We start by picking up the idea that got erased yesterday, add a few things and work on the song's basic structure for a few hours then break for some eat.

"Some microwave heated satisfaction later we decide it's time to start listening back to what we have so far.

"We go back to what we did the first week and listen mainly to the drums to decide if they are keepers or need some more takes. We try a few cuts to play around with the arrangements of the songs, make an intro or a verse longer or shorter, that kind of thing. We have the cave-man-sounding vocal phrasing ideas that me and Pete put down last week to guide us in our decisions, it sounds hellarious but is actually helpful.

"Today's verdict is we should redo the drums on at least one possibly two of the three songs we dissect to see if we can get them even better. The fast one that goes under the working title 'Carnage' we decide is ready for some serious work, i.e. get the real guitars and bass on there and start working on the vocals. Exciting! We are getting somewhere!

"We make a CD of today's struggle and leave the studio at 7.30 pm."


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