VINTERSORG: 'My Mind Is Boiling With Creativity'

VINTERSORG/BORKNAGAR frontman Andreas Hedlund (a.k.a. Vintersorg) recently paid Metal Reference a visit in order to clarify his intentions with his many musical projects. The following are some of the highlights of that interview:

Metal Reference: [The new VINTERSORG album] "The Focusing Blur" is seemingly a concept album. In your own words: "...As always a lot of things are happening in our minds and physical existence, both musically, spiritually and in other categories..." What is happening in your mind?

Vintersorg: "At the moment my mind is boiling with creativity, and I'm writing tons of new songs, for different musical forums. And of course it's very occupied by the promotional work for the album, and I also became a father quite recently, so it's a lot of things to reflect upon in my life at this point, and I love it. I can't just sit back and relax. It isn't my nature, and it would make me go insane. So I'm glad that my existence is filled with enthusiasm and creativity, just to explore the unexplored, music-wise and life-wise. It feels like I have so much music to compose, that's just waiting to be released into this world."

Metal Reference: FISSION is apparently a thrash-orientated band formed by you and VINTERSORG drummer Benny Hägglund. Tell me more about that outing.

Vintersorg: "FISSION is a thrash/death band with a lot of melody and atmosphere. I do quite a lot of clear vocals as well as the growling/screaming style. And we also have keyboards in it, so we've found our own entity in that area of music. We're recording the debut album at this moment. It'll be called 'Crater' and will be out on Napalm Records during this year at least. Don't know when actually at this point. But I really enjoy doing it. It's a totally different thing."

Metal Reference: You're also involved in other so-called projects, FREQUENCIES and SPACE ON EARTH. Are you a workaholic?

Vintersorg: "Yes [laughs]. But FREQUENCIES have changed its name to AXIOLOGY, as there's another Swedish band called FREQUENCY. I like to have many things on the move all the time, I guess."

Metal Reference: What's new in the BORKNAGAR camp?

Vintersorg: "We've nearly completed the recording of the new album, and the mix down will be started next weekend I think. Wow, what an album it'll be. I'm blown away by it myself already."

Metal Reference: Is HAVAYOTH still active?

Vintersorg: "Yes, we have the next album finished composed, but there's some more practical things that we have to sort out first."

Metal Reference: "Visions from the Spiral Generator" yielded a breakthrough for VINTERSORG. Have other labels showed interest in signing you?

Vintersorg: "Yes, there are some other labels that want to recruit us, and this new album is the last on the contract with Napalm Records. But Napalm have done a good job for us, and our collaboration has been quite satisfying for us so far, so we'll see what happens in that field. It can be better to stay with a partner that you know somewhat how they operate than to switch into something that you don't know whether will work out or not. But as for this moment, everything with future contract is really just up in the air. Nothing is signed or discussed, and that goes for all the labels that have shown interest in us."

Metal Reference: On your latest two albums, you've used renowned bass player Steve DiGiorgio (TESTAMENT, DEATH, SADUS). What makes him the perfect choice... especially in regard of the fact that Scandinavia has several good bassists as well?

Vintersorg: "Steve is just a guru for us, he's so well balanced in his art. He knows when to support and when to 'show off' in the songs. We have some kind of hidden musical bond I guess, even if we are from very separate part of the world. He has a mind that many bass player I've heard, don't have. He uses melodies in his instrument, and not just one finger pounding on the single notes in the background. Bass has a great potential to give the music yet another dimension, but traditionally bass have often the role of just being there, without being there, if you understand what I mean."

Read the entire interview here.


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